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At Lawson Media we live and breathe audio. We create amazing editorial podcasts, and help businesses of all sizes achieve their podcasting goals. Whether you're a global company, or a small startup, we can help you create a podcast that will engage audiences and deliver results.

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About Lawson Media

We are a team of journalists, audio engineers, and media innovators, on a mission to find amazing stories and share them with audiences around the world. Whether it's creating a short-run podcast, or doing a deep investigative documentary, our team is ready to hit the ground running to deliver a story with maximum creativity and lasting impact.

What We Do

Editorial Productions

Our team is filled with talented journalists and engineers who love making great podcasts. When we're not helping businesses with their podcast production needs, we're probably making one of our editorial shows that push the boundaries of what's possible in this space.

Podcasts for Brands

No matter the size of your business, we can help you realise your podcast vision. The best branded podcasts are created through collaboration. We'll take the time to learn about your business goals, and work side-by-side as an extension of your existing team to craft a show that will stand out from the crowd.


Whether you're an experienced podcaster, or just getting started, our team can help you improve your podcast and reach new audiences. Hire us as a one-off, or on an ongoing basis. No matter the level of support you need, we've got consulting plans to fit every budget.

"With Lawson Media's help, we were able to execute our vision, despite the lack of podcast experience within our organisation."

Alistair Perkins - Digital Content Producer - ARENA

Shows we've worked on

Our Production Process

Whether we're working on an editorial show, or putting together a podcast for a brand, the first step in the process is always planning. When you hire us to make a show, we'll sit down with you to learn more about your business objectives, and design a podcast in collaboration with your team. We'll take that concept and move into pre-production where we pull together the branding, do deep research on the topic, and find amazing guests and stories for your show.

Once we've completed pre-production, we'll start recording the series. This could involve speaking to people on the phone, but more than likely it will involve facilitating recordings in a podcast studio, or sending a producer to record your guests in person. Once we have all the interviews, we'll move into the scripting phase. We listen to all the audio, and find the best bits to tell a compelling story. Your team will be kept updated the whole way through and you'll have an opportunity to review all scripts before we move into the final stage.

After the scripts have been finalised, we'll record any host narration and move into post-production. This stage involves having our audio engineers piece together all the audio and craft it into an amazing listening experience. We'll listen to every episode as a team, and when we're happy, we'll give you a chance to review the episode. Once you're happy with the work, we'll help you distribute the podcast to the world.

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